Alaskan Crepe Escape

Delicious Sweet & Savory Crepes, Smoothies and Espressos!

The Alaskan Crepe Escape is located in beautiful Capital city of Juneau, Alaska. It can be found behind the parking garage with the library in Downtown Juneau.  The eatery was started in 2008 by local Juneau resident, Amanda Kohan. The Alaskan Crepe Escape offers a wide variety of sweet and savory crepes, healthy and nutritious smoothies and delicious espresso. It is operated seasonally, opening up in May of each year and closing in October.

Once upon a time…

There was a girl who loved to bake

Amanda Kohan is the creator and owner of the Alaskan Crepe Escape. She is an accomplished baker and pastry chef with a degree from the Le Cordon Bleu Institute of Culinary Arts. She started the Alaskan Crepe Escape in the summer of 2008 in the beautiful capital city and her hometown of Juneau, Alaska. The eatery isn’t only open seasonally, but you can also find her delicious crepes at the Juneau Alaska Public Market at the end of November.

The Alaskan Crepe Escape offers a multitude of crepe options, both sweet and savory, delicious and healthy smoothies and warm and chilled espresso beverages.